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    I have just ordered a new HTC Radar because I want to try out Windows Phone OS. I am wondering now how the best way is to set up the registration. Can somebody help me with a bit of info?

    - Are there any country restrictions when it comes to buying Apps?
    - How is payment for the Apps usually done?
    - Can I buy Apps from a country where I don't live in?
    - What should I pay attention to when I turn the phone on the first time and have to enter location and profile?

    I want to buy German Apps but live in China at the moment. Have German credit cards and Hotmail account set to Germany.

    I have a WebOS phone and their geo-restrictions are very annoying and even just turning on the phone in the wrong country will restrict it forever (unless you doctor around a bit). So I hope that WP is easier in this regard.

    Thanks for any info!!

    Update on 23. May:
    Since nobody replied, I will write a few lines myself and hope they help some other people. I received my HTC radar and it works fine in China. I have my Windows Profile set to Germany and also set the phone to Germany. That is possible in the settings, even though I am in China at the moment.

    I get a selection of German apps but also have the other ones if I search a bit in Marketplace. Buying Apps also works but I need a credit card for it.

    So, all in all, it's possible to get apps even if you are not in your home country. Too bad that they are usually more expensive than for other OS. Wonder why apps are free for Andriod and WebOS but I have to pay a few Euros for the WP edition.
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