1. wpnewbie's Avatar
    Can you please help with a very good app for finding parking spot ,(and pulls directions for the spot)

    I installed "Parking Aid" on windows phone , Its very useful app , but its not able to pull the directions once it finds the parking spot.
    It gives the address ... but I should be able to click the address and get the directions from bing maps or whatever maps ...

    Now i am taking the address and feeding it in maps/ GPS - (even if its .25 miles .. in a new city navigating the lanes is very difficult)

    And if the same app can remember my parking spot and find the car .. it would be great..now we have to install 2 apps for this :)
    one to find the parking spot and one which remembers where we parked the car(with some augmented reality)
    05-21-2012 12:31 PM