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    I read KathDu's post regarding his wish for more business apps. I couldn't agree more. I'm not a mobile gamer. At all. Yes, I play BF3 on my PC, but I never play any games whatsoever on my phone.

    Then I read this post by Techblogger: I got to thinking it would be good if we business and getting things done type of people listed the apps we use. As mentioned in Techblogger's thread, the Marketplace search is just broken. It's horrible. Word of mouth is the way we find out about apps.

    Here's the ones I use:

    Viperal Tasks (integrates with my Toodledo account perfectly):

    Nextgen Reader (superb Google Reader integration):

    Late Reader (great Pocket/ReadItLater app):



    LastPass (if you're not using a password manager, you're doing yourself a huge disfavor):


    MetroLink Timetable (St. Louis only):

    Nokia Transit

    Nokia Drive

    gMaps Pro:

    Sleepy Clock:

    Tap for HELP!:

    Voice Notes (fastest voice recording app I could find):
    06-12-2012 09:39 AM
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    Handyscan (scan documents and convert to PDF) handyscan for Windows Phone
    moBudget (personal & small business finance) moBudget: Personal Finance App for Windows Phone
    AppoinTile (lists up to 4 upcoming meetings on start screen plus other calendar stuff) AppoinTile - Upcoming appointments on your start screen
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    06-20-2012 05:08 PM
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    Two good apps for travelling:

    Trip Expenses

    Plan 'n' Pack
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    07-01-2012 09:55 PM
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    Here's a great business app and we're currently looking for BETA testers too!
    07-14-2013 04:24 AM