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    Last night I read a article on how I can create a free internet radio station on Set up your own Internet Radio Station for free on your Windows PC instead of using shoutcast. Anyway its pretty simple. Setup a account on caster.fm and mixxx on your pc. Mixx creates a playlist of all your music files and stream as a mp3 file to caster. Caster.fm uses a icecast2. Works great from any browser and any tablet I own. But I would like to stream to my wp7 over 4G.

    Now I have been searching for app to setup a custom url. But with no luck. I bought qloud app from quiss but it takes forever for the app to load all my music. The app loses connection to the program on my pc over the network and the web. What a waste of 2.99 + tax. Well sorta it will play other formats over the 4G very well.

    Anyone have any idea's?

    07-11-2012 06:25 PM