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    What's the best app (free or low cost) for remote control of Windows Media Player/Center on my PC?

    Or is there a better way to remotely play music off the PC?

    I just tried Media Center Remote. Works nice, but I want to see my library on my phone, not use binoculars to see my PC monitor across the room as I select a track.
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    Assuming you have Zune installed on a machine, Zemote works great. Can see all your tracks and videos in Zune and play them instantly.

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    The free version of ZRemote seems to work very well, thanks for the tip. Maybe I'm just slow today, but I can't find any description of what additional functionality I would get in the 'paid' version. I think the developer needs help with his marketing.

    I was thinking I should keep Zune out of the picture because Microsoft was about to abandon it, but maybe they're just going to rename it. All their 'brands' seem to be getting churned up right now - Windows "Live" is on the way out, Hotmail becomes Outlook, Metro is out.

    I know the "Zune" brand is scheduled to die but I don't know when, or what replaces it, or what happens to the Zune application.
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