1. cajunlte's Avatar
    I almost decided to make the jump from a Samsung Skyrocket to the Lumia 920 today, but decided to wait a bit to see how the app marketplace fills in. Of note the absence of the below are the reason's why I haven't made the jump.
    1. Quicken 2013 mobile app or at least the mint.com app.
    2. File manager like ES file explorer that allows you to map windows 7 network drives and transfer files remotely to and from the phone.
    3. Media players that allow the playback of mpg media files which are from converted Dvd's
    4. Tango video app.
    5. DLNA client

    I did spend about 10 minutes with the phone and find that the phone build and OS are very nice compared to the skyrocket and well above anything with IOS. I will definitely make the jump to the Lumia and MS Surface once I get decent replacements for the most of the most important apps above.
    11-12-2012 03:50 PM
  2. The Last Byte's Avatar
    Well you should consider contacting those app developers to see if they have interest in the WP platform.
    11-12-2012 04:21 PM