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    I'm wondering if there's an alarm app that can play a podcast when it goes off. Or, if there isn't a specific app that can do that, is there any way of accomplishing this?

    My last phone was an Android phone, and even though I couldn't find an app that did that by itself, I was able to make it happen. I found a podcast downloading app that could add the podcasts to a playlist. Then, I used an alarm app that would play the newest song on that playlist. So it did what I wanted it to, and most importantly, it all happened automatically.

    Does anyone know of a way to do this on WP8? I'm really loving everything about my new Lumia 920 so far, but I've gotten so used to waking up to a new podcast every morning that I think not having that ability would be a dealbreaker. :( I know there are some alarm apps that can play a song, but then I'd have to remember to change the alarm song every night. I'd really love it if it worked every day with no action from me. Any ideas?
    11-18-2012 05:53 PM
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    Looks like the biggest problem is that Windows Phone doesn't let you add podcasts to a playlist. I've found an alarm app (G-Alarm) that allows you to set a playlist as your alarm, but WP doesn't let you treat podcasts like regular songs and add them to a playlist, and I haven't found any apps that can automatically add a downloaded podcast to a playlist.
    11-18-2012 09:28 PM

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