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    I just read a tweet from Mehdoh that the 3.0 version supporting WP8 lockscreen notifications and the new resolutions was rolling onto the marketplaces.
    In the Mexican marketplace is already live. I just updated the app on my 8X.

    I don't use Twitter notifications on my lockscreen but it's a welcome feature. I don't know if it supports fast resuming and/or tombstoning.
    Here's the changelog on its site: Mehdoh - Social networking (Twitter / Instagram / Soundcloud) for Windows Phone

    The previous version worked great from day 1 on WP8 but some people were having problems with it. I must say this is my favorite Twitter client because of its layout. It can fit more tweet content with the default font size than any other client, making it great for users like me that tweet mostly from the me tile but use a client for reading their feeds.
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    12-28-2012 02:25 AM
  2. Major's Avatar
    This is my favorite Twitter client, but I'm annoyed that it no longer has a live tile. If it does, I can't find the settings to activate it.
    12-28-2012 05:42 PM

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