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    Ever since I tried setting a destination course in Nokia Drive+ Beta (either through Nokia Maps or opening the app directly) it has displayed the message "Sorry, cant find your route. Navigation is not yet available in your country. Please go back." I live in Puerto Rico and I have the Puerto Rico map downloaded for offline use. I always thought it was just a Beta version problem.

    I had read that Bing Maps is better, so recently I opened it through Scout and played around with it to see what was all the fuzz about. I set a destination and noticed it actually looked a bit nicer than Nokia Maps. I pressed the "drive" button and it took me to Nokia Drive...but this time, no error message. The arrow just stayed there, waiting for me to move.

    Why is this happening? I have yet to test it while driving to see if it really directs me, but it seems that Nokia Drive only works for me through Bing Maps. I find it so strange that when using both Nokia apps they fail to communicate with each other.

    Should I download the Bing Maps launcher from the Marketplace and forget Nokia Maps? Is there any downside?
    12-31-2012 07:22 PM
  2. Selfdestructo Bust's Avatar
    01-01-2013 05:54 PM
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    This inability for anyone to answer in any way makes me feel like Larry David in this clip:
    (start at 1:10)
    01-02-2013 01:37 AM

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