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    So, being a Best Buy fanatic, I've always been a little underwhelmed with the Best Buy app offered for WP. So I decided to email them asking if there were plans to update the app for at least in app purchases, if not also a Reward Zone section, browsing open boxed items at the nearest store, etc. like on other platforms. The reply was a joke. The people who develop the app didn't even know they had it. They said there were no plans to make an app and the only way to view Best Buy on WP was thru url's...lol. Here's the email thread:

    From: Anthony R***** (darkgift****@hotmail.com)
    Sent: Fri 1/04/13 1:09 PM
    To: bestbuymobileapps@bestbuy.com (bestbuymobileapps@bestbuy.com)

    Actually, you already have an app for Windows Phone. Its just very bare bones. Nit alot of features, and u can't make purchases. My question was if it was going to be updated soon to have all the features I mentioned. But I guess the answer is no, since you guys don't even know you have one...lol...what a joke.

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    From: bestbuymobileapps@bestbuy.com (bestbuymobileapps@bestbuy.com)
    Sent: Fri 1/04/13 9:36 AM

    Hi Anthony,

    Good Day!

    Let me check if I get it right, you are asking if we have specific applications for windows phone format so that you can browse in our website, reward zone site and checking the items on the local stores? Thank you for this inquiry, right now our marketing department will be aware for this and we will be working to upgrade our site to have this specific application suitable to our customers phones, but right now you can only browse our website and reward zone site using normal url. For your further inquiries and concerns you contact us at 1-888-237-8289.

    Thank you for sharing your comments with Best Buy.

    Best Buy Customer Care Team

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    How about updating the Windows Phone app to at least allow purchasing, reward zone area, checking open boxed items at local stores, etc. etc. like on other platforms. Any chance of that happening?

    Anthony R*****

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    01-04-2013 01:02 PM

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