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    I'm Dave, the main technical guy behind an app called Pepper (www.pepper-app.com), a social network based around live music events.

    We are currently implementing some pretty major updates to add new features to our app, continuing to support WP7, and adding new features specifically for WP8 devices too. Anyway, one of these features is all to do with the sharing of photos from within the app to other users/networks, and part of this will be to introduce some filters or lenses that can be applied to the photos - I guess this functionality will be similar to Instagram.

    My question to all of you is what filters would you like to see available? Do you have any favourites, or wish that a particular kind was available....or even ones to not include as they are a waste of time. If you could post sample images, along with settings selected and apps used to create them we will look at adding the most popular ones into Pepper.

    If there are any developers out there who have already created lenses and stuff and want to allow a bit of app-app communication on WP8, then I am also open to adding in this functionality - We should talk more.

    Pepper is currently only available to download in the UK - For those of you outside of the UK, I would still love your input, and we are working on making the service available to many other markets as soon as we can.

    Any question, let me know.
    01-15-2013 10:41 AM

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