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    For those of you who like your readers, Stremor Corp is working on bringing TLDR Reader to WP8 devices. It's out now for android devices, coming soon to apple's app store and the WP8 is being worked on.

    This is not your ordinary news feed reader. This one offers up summaries of the content, allowing you to get a too long, didn't read summary of each feed and, if you want to, you can get the full article in the built in browser. The reader can then summarize the article in small, medium and long formats and provide links to similar article via the built in search engine. Ad supported for now with version 2.0 having a paid app option to allow you to customize the feeds.

    For those of you that are thinking "summly" well, there's a few differences here. 1st, over 100 feeds with articles updating as they come in. You aren't forced to read the articles that some group thinks you want to read and the tldr summaries are done via technology so there's no delay as someone writes up a summary for you. Second, the second version, as mentioned, will have customized feed options. Any feed you want, you can add to the mix. The app will provide the same tldr summaries for your customized feeds.

    For now, you can check out the app in google's store:

    or head to www.tldrstuff.com for more information.

    As to the timeline for WP8, the developers are working on it now. Version 2.0, with all the bells and whistles, will be following a couple of months later.
    01-16-2013 11:04 AM

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