1. Parktreeone's Avatar
    Got an email today from the n-track guys informing me of this release. I find this exciting. One thing I really want to see is lots of music production and creation apps. These guys taking up the windows platform can only be good news. Its also free.
    01-17-2013 01:51 AM
  2. Bombfetish's Avatar
    Are there any kind of recording suite, amp simulators (with pedals), or iRig compatible apps for windows phone?
    01-18-2013 11:28 AM
  3. Parktreeone's Avatar
    I really wish there was. At this point in time there isn't any that I cam find. There doesn't seem to be much demand for it from the windows community either. But that could easily change
    01-20-2013 05:17 AM
  4. Bombfetish's Avatar
    Cool. I appreciate the prompt reply!
    01-20-2013 06:29 PM

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