1. Jacob Tenannt's Avatar
    I am looking at switching to a WP8 device at my next service renewal but was not able to find some of the apps. I was wanting such as FING, a network scanner , and anything else that would allow me to evaluate network situations.

    Really love the look and operation of the WP8 devices I have played with at the AT&T store, but still concerned that apps. I use everyday on my current Android phone are not available on WP8 yet.
    01-19-2013 09:52 PM
  2. Alex Kj's Avatar
    You mean something like a WiFi scanner, which shows stuff like WiFi frequency, channel number, encryption type, signal strength and other detailed info? I believe MS might be restricting apps which would be able to display such info, though I'm not sure about this...
    01-19-2013 10:30 PM

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