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    I know many people on this site may not be a member of MeetMe.com, but I know at least 10 people in my social circles that won't switch to WP because Instagram and MeetMe are not on the OS. Instagram is on the way in May from what I've read, so that leaves MeetMe. You can see the demand if you search for the Social_App application in the Windows Phone Store and read the comments.

    Anyway, the petition is below. It would be most appreciated if you would sign it, even if you're not a member of MeetMe. After all, the fewer limitations WP has on apps, the better! That, and MeetMe won't budge unless they see a demand.

    04-22-2013 07:25 AM
  2. Microsoftjunkie's Avatar
    I signed to help support Windows Phones, and thx for bringing it to my attention.
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    04-22-2013 07:38 AM
  3. JoshNay's Avatar
    You're welcome :) Thanks for signing!

    Once it reaches 100 signatures, I'll be contacting the developers directly with the petition in tow to push the issue. They need to see a demand for the app before they'll release it on WP8.
    04-23-2013 05:17 AM
  4. Buddy Riley's Avatar
    Looks like they don't care! I just signed it making it 655 people
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    12-01-2014 01:24 AM

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