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    I own an LG Smart TV, was trying to find either a universal remote control app or a specific LG One (ehemmm yeah) that I could use to control my tv etc. Obviously I was not able to or I would not be starting this thread. Does anyone know of any universal remote applications? I searched in the store but could not really find any, I did find some samsung/sony unofficial apps and some roku etc type things but nothing that would help me.

    My questions are 2 Fold:

    1. Is there any expectation that TV Manufacturers may begin to create apps for WP8 and beyond?
    2. Is there any type of universal app out there that can be used with any tv, if there is can anyone point me to it, if there is not are there any devs who can make one? :)

    This seems to be a very underserved area for windows phone but one which to me should have huge potential.
    04-24-2013 04:57 PM

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