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    I have the App Private Hub with pictures, all is well.
    I have videos on Sky Drive and have signed into Skydrive inside Private Hub but it gets no further.
    E-mailed the developers didnt help due to language barrier (poor instructions) I cant work out how to get videos into Private Hub. They (developers) say to download a programe to my PC, which I have done but im still stuck.

    Can anyone help or has anyone successfully installed videos into Private Hub?
    04-28-2013 01:38 PM
  2. johnfishcurtis's Avatar
    The instructions say the follwing but im totally lost...

    Download Private Hub PC Tool http://sdrv.ms/V1DdRk

    1, if your PC run win7/vista/8.
    Save privatePcTool.exe, Right-Click this file, and then select Run as Administrator.

    2, Check there are video files(mp4, 3gp,3g2,m4v,WMV,) in you selected folder.

    3, Check the folder, the full path can't contain Symbol and blank.
    This is OK: D:\myfile\myvideos\hello.mp4 C:\video\g.3gp C:\videos\my9.mp4
    This is NG: D:\my file\my videos C:\My documents D:\videos\girls(3).mp4 C:\vides\my video.mp4

    4, After click "Select Directory...", Click "Open Folder", check there are a file named videofiles.xml?
    if no, log on computer with administrator account, or select another folder you have rights to write,then put your videos to this folder and select directory again.

    5, Do your PC has a correct ip address?
    If your computer's ip address beginning with 169.254(such as: Will not be able to properly import the videos, please check your computer's network connection.
    Connect your pc to internet or intranet, or connect your pc and phone with wifi via same router and try again.

    6, On pc, open internet explorer, type the ip showed on privatehubpctool, can you see the videos list? if Not, pls go back to step 1.

    7, Connect your phone to pc with wifi(Connect your phone and pc to the same wireless rounter)
    If you havn't wireless rounter,open Zune(WP7)/Windows Phone(WP8), connect your phone to pc via usb cable.

    8, On phone, open internet explorer, type the ip showed on privatehubpctool, can you find the videos list?
    If not,pls go back to step 7.

    9, Power plug in the phone and then download.
    Due to phone system problems, and may not be able to display the normal progress (or display the file size is zero) to download, please be patient.If the download error, please restart the phone and try again.

    10,Can't play videos on phone,
    Windows Phone provides support for various audio and video codecs depending on the processor installed in the device.The following link contain detailed information about the codecs you can use with the various processors used in Windows Phone devices. Supported Media Codecs for Windows Phone
    04-28-2013 02:30 PM

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