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    Some of you will know, I'm from the Caribbean. If you didn't know, now you do.

    Going to show you a few simple steps on how to use Hulu if you're like me, and out of the U.S but want to watch your T.V shows!

    The first thing you will need to do will be to change your Microsoft account and your store to United states. If you don't do this, you won't be able to download the app at all. And then what would be the point of me typing this!

    So after you've done that, if you try to launch the app, it says it's not available in your location, right? Boo.

    What you need now, is a huluplus account. So you go to the following link Hulu - referral | Hulu Plus (yes go to that link because i can get referral points! Thank you! ). But now you're told hulu is not availalble in your country. WTF!

    We're going to use a proxy to bypass this.

    Proxify free trial registration At this link, you get a one day trial, so do it now! You sign up and get an account that is valid for one day.

    When you do that, and have your account, you now need to change your proxy settings in internet explorer /chrome/whatever browswer you're using

    select: Tools
    select: Internet Options...
    select: Connections
    select: LAN Settings
    check the box next to: "Use automatic configuration script"
    enter this Address: http://proxify.com/proxy.pac
    click on OK
    click on OK on the Internet Options menu
    click here to test your browser configuration

    Great! Now that's that is finished, go to this link again Hulu - referral | Hulu Plus (Yes . THIS LINK PLEASE!) and put in your email address and you are allowed a two week trial of hulu plus. You will need to put in your credit card information as hulu plus is not free.

    That's that. You have your account. Now the fun part, your phone! This is taking longer than i thought in my head....

    So anyway, in your phones cellular settings, you go to edit internet apn. In the proxy bar, you need to input proxy.proxify.com. The port is 81. It looks like this:


    Open the huluplus application and log in. VOILA! Hulu Plus on your phone outside the U.S

    The strange thing to me, is that using the proxy on your browser requires you to input a username and password, however, using it on your phone does not. (Or maybe it has not prompted as yet - though this does not make sense to me)

    So there you have it. Hulu plus on your phone. Again. How long this will work for, I'm not sure but it's working great for me so far. Enjoy.

    P.S I was very upset when I learnt that hulu plus does not have game of thrones

    wp_ss_20130507_0001.png wp_ss_20130507_0003.jpg

    REMEMBER. REFERRAL LINK Hulu - referral | Hulu Plus
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    As expected. It failed.

    The proxy does not work anymore on the phone. It's prompting for a password. The theory is the same though, and once you have another proxy server to input, it will work.

    I have a .PAC file that I use on my desktop. This works great but it does not seem that windows phone supports .pac files.

    So if anyone has a free proxy that they can use, feel free to share :)
    05-10-2013 09:20 AM

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