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    Guys I just sent my feedback to Microsoft regarding FB beta. I am really frustrated how Microsoft continually ignores functionality and opts for design as the primary target when designing an app. I have sent the following email to Facebook feedback. If there is anything missing please contact Microsoft via feedback. Let's finally get a real Facebook app for Windows Phone. Thanks...

    This Facebook app is a step in the right direction but still very disappointing. I don't know why Microsoft is taking such a design over functionality approach to Facebook. It doesn't matter how nice it looks if you can't do anything with it! The following are features missing after only playing with the app for 20 minutes. I can only imagine there are a lot more features missing if I really get a chance to look for them but for now here are a few. These are functions available on iOS and Android so they are not too much to ask for....

    1) Can't save photos

    2) No toast notifications for Private Messages

    3) No photo sharing in Private Message. (My friends on iPhone can send me pics but I can't send them).

    4) Can't open received pics in Private Message.

    5) Can't see mutual friends of friends which is a huge void when trying to determine whether to accept a friend request from a stranger)

    6) Can't see friendship of a user (to block/unfriend/not show in news feed)

    7) Doesn't display today's events on top of news feed.

    8) Doesn't show "people you may know" on top of news feed.

    9) Birthdays don't show in events

    10) Can't delete posts on my timeline which other people have posted (can only delete posts I have posted).

    11) Can't edit comments (can only delete)

    12) Need close button! (Don't want to hit back a million times to exit app!)

    13) Doesn't load the entire timeline like Facebook touch does. This is horrible! (We also need a "more" button instead of just the previous month).

    14) Yellow Emoticons don't work! We need Emotions please! My friends on iOS send me all types of Emoticons but I can only reply with a smile and a wink! This is embarrassing!

    15) Can't open "timeline review" when I click on it in notifications! Many of us have a privacy setting which allows us to preview a post which we are tagged in before allowing it to be sent to our timeline. We can't open this preview in notifications.
    05-09-2013 04:15 PM
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    You should perhaps also include the Windows Phone Facebook email address so that we can help you.
    05-09-2013 04:40 PM
  3. TJWINS's Avatar
    05-09-2013 04:49 PM

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