1. Flagz's Avatar
    If 720p is a SUPPORTED resolution by MS, then how come some official MS Apps aren't even supported. Examples; Smartglass? Halo Waypoint? Xbox Extras?
    05-12-2013 03:27 AM
  2. ShocWave's Avatar
    I read somewhere that WP7 games cannot support 720p. The SDK does not allow it.
    Some developers just release one version of the game, and it works on both WP7 and WP8.

    In order for 720p to be supported, there must be 2 versions of the same game, one for WP7, and WP8.
    For example, look at Angry Birds, which has two versions, one that supports 720p, and one doesn't.

    Microsoft needs to redo Smartglass and Halo Waypoint from scratch. Xbox 360 is nearing the end of its lifespan, so I'm not sure if they will even bother. Waypoint was updated recently to support Halo Reach, but all it does is kick you out to Internet Explorer and point you to the website.

    For many old games, developers don't want to waste money redoing the entire thing. It takes too much time and effort for something that is outdated and nobody plays anymore, so you're stuck with WP7 versions that do not support 720p.
    05-12-2013 05:11 PM

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