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    I've had a Lumia 900 since August 2012, and now a Lumia 920 since March. Never had any problems purchasing apps until April 14, although nothing changed since then. Can't purchase from home through my desktop or from my phone. But no problems using the same payment options to pay monthly Xbox Music and Office 365.

    Microsoft support has been horrible - very uninformed, repetitive basic questions, and taking forever to reply.

    My scenario:

    Unlocked APAC_philippines version Lumia 920, purchased direct from Nokia Store in Phils. Region set to US, and billing accounts set up with two payment options, US-based Paypal account and US bank Visa credit card. I have no problem accessing and downloading free and trial apps, just can't purchase. No problem re-downloading all my purchased apps after my L920 was replaced under warranty.

    Anyone having similar issue, please suggest a solution, MS support doesn't seem to be concerned as they have not responded in over a week.

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    05-23-2013 10:51 PM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Are you sure that you are using the same Microsoft account on your new device?
    05-25-2013 03:19 PM
  3. montsa007's Avatar
    A user in Phil and region set to US, how exactly does it sync :s?
    05-27-2013 01:21 AM
  4. mprebich's Avatar
    Yes, same account.

    As i mentioned, I was able to reinstall my already purchased apps, and I can download additional apps that are free or trial, but can't buy apps.

    MS WP support have not been able to fix this in 6 weeks of trying. Very disappointing. A Windows Phone without the ability to buy apps.
    05-27-2013 08:06 PM
  5. mprebich's Avatar

    Yes, I've had it set that way from the beginning. Set this way, the Store and App Highlights show me suggestions as a US account and prices show up in $. My payment methods are all US-based accounts.

    I travel between locations, in addition to many other countries on business.
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    05-27-2013 08:08 PM
  6. montsa007's Avatar
    I am out of ideas as I have never purchased an app till date.
    Have you tried removing and re-adding your paypal/payment info to the account?
    05-28-2013 12:52 AM
  7. Jojo Feliciano's Avatar
    Same problem with me. I'm also from the Philippines and I am unable to purchase apps, I have had my 820 since Feb and have been able to download and install free and trial apps. But I can't seem to purchase anything. I have been bounced from Xbox to Nokia to Microsoft support people but still to no avail.

    I have used my credit card and paypal account to purchase stuff from international sellers before so I know that's not the problem.

    I have tried creating new microsoft account, resetting my phone, resetting xbox live account but still no go. I wonder who we can turn to for a solution to this problem?
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    05-28-2013 02:36 AM
  8. teng_m's Avatar
    try setting your region back to PH. it will now accept your ph PAYPAL or Credit card. the only big problem is that many programs are not available in our region. i also set my region to the US since it shows more apps. when i'm gonna buy the app, i change back to PH, hopefully the app will be available to our region
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    06-13-2013 04:00 AM
  9. mprebich's Avatar
    MS Windows Phone support finally admitted there IS an issue with some accounts not being able to purchase.

    My phone is in the US now and I still can't purchase.

    Three months and counting.
    07-11-2013 12:19 AM
  10. mprebich's Avatar
    Thought I should post the final outcome. WPsupport informed me that the problem was my MSA (Microsoft account) name. I was using an "illegal keyword that was being blocked by the system". Even though, there was no warning/error when I created the account, it worked over 9 months until i switched to WP8 on my L920, and only ended up blocked after 30 days active on WP8.

    Obviously, WP8 and the MSA system implemented new rules at some point.

    Anyway, the solution was to establish a new account and start over. Been up and running ever since.

    Thanks for all the suggestions.
    08-27-2013 12:23 AM

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