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    Hello all,

    I've recently purchased my Nokia Lumia 925, which I am extremely pleased with and I am brand new to WP8. The only area which I have trouble is the calendar which doesn't seem to suit my needs in terms of live tiles and week view capabilities. It's important to note that, that my primary email is gmail, and also a big user of google calendar. I found a popular app called Week View 8 (WV8 for short) and was able to consolidate most of the google calendar entries into WV8.

    WV8 seems to import most of the calendar entries into its system although it has difficulty posting some of them and it shows it as "private entries" from my google calendar. I'm not sure how to show the actual show the private entries so it lists on my WV8. Does any one know how to prevent WV8 from listing some my google calendar entries as "private entry?" Just a point of clarification, I do not wish to "hide private entries," instead i wish to see the entries on my WV8.

    One way which I attempted to resolve this issue was to sync the gmail calendar with windows live. I was able to successfully sync my live account with google, but when I make changes to my gmail calendar, the live account doesn't seem to pull any of the new calendar entry into the Live account. Does any one know how to set my microsoft live email to sync calendar entries every hour or two?

    Thank you for your time!
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    07-23-2013 11:38 PM
  2. rdubmu's Avatar
    It is by design, if you don't want them private i would make them so that they are not private.
    07-24-2013 10:21 PM
  3. lazysmurf's Avatar
    It is by design, if you don't want them private i would make them so that they are not private.
    Sorry, that is totally bull****!

    1) Following this theory, no client of your calenders would show you some private entries after entering them 1st time.

    2) In fact this is a bug. I had a Lumia 920, Google Calendar and Week View. Standard marked entries in my private called calendar were shown right in Week view, I could read and edit them. Now I have a 925 and all thie entries are veiled as Private Entry.
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    08-03-2013 05:37 AM
  4. iainmann's Avatar
    I've just updated my Lumia 820 with Amber/GDR2 and am having the same problem. Google Calendar entries are now marked private and not showing in third-party calendar apps. I'm using Chronos Calendar. Anyone found a solution - apart from un-privating them all manually!
    08-30-2013 12:40 PM
  5. mpovolo's Avatar
    I found that private entries for me are actually background windows phone syncs of linked accounts through my live account. For me I have facebook linked so any entries like freind birthdays show up in my WP8 calendar, however show as private in any other app that accesses calendar
    08-30-2013 10:42 PM
  6. cw1988's Avatar
    This is true and it sucks.

    I think, using your example of Facebook birthdays, no 3rd party calendar app will show Facebook birthdays as anything bur private. This is the reason i will only use the stock calendar app as it is the only one that fully suits all calendars.
    09-01-2013 05:25 PM
  7. Jon M's Avatar
    I have much of the same problem, the stock calendar shows all of my calendars correctly, but the available views and tiles are not satifactory at all in my oppinion.
    Week view 8 has views and tiles that I really like, but it doesn't mirror the stock calendar, I haven't found a fix for external calendars for instance..

    I am mostly happy with WP8, but VERY unhappy with their calendar API, particularly since their stock calendar is not very good!
    09-16-2013 04:58 AM
  8. JL_JL's Avatar
    Here is how you fix it - by subscribing to the google calendar from within the windows live calendar from the full version of a web browser.

    How to Subscribe to a Google Calendar From Outlook | eHow
    11-26-2013 10:23 AM

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