1. Jeyrus's Avatar
    Has anyone heard anything about Duolingo coming to Windows Phone? Do you feel that it's likely or not?

    Also, if you haven't heard of Duolingo it's a great free language learning app. It's quite interesting, because as you learn and go through the curriculum you are actually translating the web. (hence how it's free)
    07-28-2013 09:43 PM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    I haven't heard anything, but you could try contacting the site and asking them. Duolingo | Learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and English for free
    07-28-2013 11:28 PM
  3. fbloise's Avatar
    im currently using it from my kindle fire but would love to be able to use it from my lumia 1020
    01-17-2014 02:44 PM
  4. Felix Wong's Avatar
    Duolingo is coming to Windows Phone! It was just confirmed today by Luis von Ahn himself!!!

    Duolingo Founder Says Personalized, Adaptive Education More Efficient | Re/code
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    10-28-2014 04:25 PM
  5. maire7's Avatar
    Glad to see this thread. Signed up with Duolingo a couple of months ago but had forgotten about it. Need to get started.
    10-31-2014 12:22 PM
  6. nilchak's Avatar
    So looking forwatd to this app on WP phones and even on Windows Tablets.

    I have this on my daughters iPAD and it rocks. One of the great learning apps.
    10-31-2014 12:43 PM
  7. Rising Mos's Avatar
    Woot Woot :)
    11-02-2014 01:40 PM