1. MadDogFL62's Avatar
    I just upgraded to a new GMC Sierra pickup last week. Like all new GM products, it came with free OnStar. They offered me information about the Apple OnStar APP. I asked if they had a Windows Phone version and below is the email response that I received...

    Dear MadDogFL62,

    Thank you for taking the time to e-mail OnStar regarding the RemoteLink services.

    The OnStar RemoteLink application will be available for Windows 7 and 8 phones on August 6, 2013. It must have Windows update version 1 in order to be compliant.

    Please feel free to reply to this email if you have any other questions, call us at 1.888.4.ONSTAR (1.888.466.7827) or press your blue button.


    OnStar Information Specialist
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    08-05-2013 05:27 PM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    That's good to hear. That will be a really useful app for a lot of people.
    08-05-2013 05:36 PM
  3. modernfx's Avatar
    Just checked the windows phone store and nothing came up. Has anyone found it or verified that it actually exist? Thanks
    08-07-2013 10:21 AM
  4. MadDogFL62's Avatar
    Just got off the phone with OnStar. Seems that the product was "released" yesterday - but only to the Web Team who is posting it on the OnStar Website. The APP will be accessible on 8/12. I guess we will all have to check back then.
    08-07-2013 12:34 PM
  5. modernfx's Avatar
    Great. Thank you for following up and letting us know.
    08-07-2013 04:53 PM
  6. hysonmb's Avatar
    Whenever this app surfaces, I just may reactivate my OnStar subscription. I let it go well over a year ago.
    08-08-2013 06:06 PM
  7. MadDogFL62's Avatar
    Good News... OnStar site is down today for "maintenance". That's a good sign that GM will meet the 8/12 APP delivery date they mentioned last week.

    Onstar Unavailable - www.covisint.com
    08-11-2013 07:54 AM
  8. lancepr's Avatar
    Very nice
    08-11-2013 01:18 PM
  9. MadDogFL62's Avatar
    Sorry, but more updates from GM than APPS.

    The OnStar APP went to the Windows Phone Store this past weekend. It seems that the ability to download the APP failed and MS pulled the APP; telling OnStar to try again. They are currently working on the APP and expect to give it another shot on the WP Store 8/19 - next Monday.

    I guess we have been waiting since WP7 for this APP. A few more days won't hurt.
    08-12-2013 06:47 PM
  10. jkidd01's Avatar
    What's your source for this information? Every time I contact OnStar about the Windows Phone app, I get the same generic responses, from their phone support, email support, and even twitter. All they say is that it's being worked on and they'll release more information as it becomes available.
    08-15-2013 10:05 AM
  11. MadDogFL62's Avatar
    You can contact 1-888-4-Onstar and ask to speak to Ron in Customer Service. He is quite familiar with the situation and is in constant contact with the engineers there who both worked on the APP and are now working on the download glitches.
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    08-15-2013 12:07 PM
  12. wamsille's Avatar
    What ended up happening with this application? Can it be downloaded now?
    08-19-2013 02:43 PM
  13. kobi001's Avatar
    Based upon MadDogFL62's earlier post I've tried a several times today and nothing yet comes up in the Store.
    08-19-2013 03:28 PM
  14. wamsille's Avatar
    Remotelink has saved me a few times, from monitoring tire pressure to simply locking the door when I forget to and I'm not within range with the fob. It is nice to have, but it is not a necessity.
    08-19-2013 04:24 PM
  15. wamsille's Avatar
    App is available. Edit - not working properly.

    Edit 2 - worked the fifth time.
    08-19-2013 10:15 PM
  16. kobi001's Avatar
    I just checked and the RemoteLink app is in the store. I have already downloaded it. After looking at the myriad of T&Cs, disclaimers, warnings, etc. and installing the program I can say that it works!
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    08-19-2013 10:29 PM
  17. MadDogFL62's Avatar
    Released today and posted to the Microsoft WP Store: RemoteLink | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)
    08-19-2013 10:52 PM
  18. MadDogFL62's Avatar
    Yes, Terms and Conditions are excessive but the app works great with my OnStar account and vehicle. Very handy. Going to try the navigation feature tomorrow.
    08-19-2013 11:08 PM
  19. hysonmb's Avatar
    All this time I've waited, finally the app is released so I reactivate the OnStar account annnnd.... error (403_120). My car is 1 model year too old and the OnStar system doesn't work with RemoteLink :(
    Oh well, maybe Drone Mobile will come through someday soon.
    08-22-2013 04:03 PM

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