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    AFAIK, I don't think it is possible to manually check for updates for apps using a single button. The store tile shows updates at some random time. Or you'll have to go to the particular app in the store to check for an update.

    But apps like SysApp Pusher are able to show a list of apps and their last date of update.

    So, I was just wondering if someone could make an app where the list of apps to check for can be manually added and if the latest date of update is higher than the existing version's install date, then a star or something can be displayed next to the app name and that app can be updated by going to the store.
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    09-19-2013 06:43 AM
  2. Akinori's Avatar
    Nice idea, tks. I'll try making an app with ur idea :)
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    09-19-2013 07:00 AM

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