1. shan678's Avatar
    Is there any app which can send or receive files via wifi from wp to android ???
    11-11-2013 02:58 AM
  2. DBDev's Avatar
    I don't think so, but I'm not sure.
    11-11-2013 09:43 AM
  3. Ray Adams's Avatar
    You can send files from pocket ftp server to android via wifi if both devices are in same wifi network
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    11-11-2013 09:48 AM
  4. Santhosh Kumar11's Avatar
    can u plz elaborate on how to use Pocket FTP..
    12-23-2013 12:39 AM
  5. Ray Adams's Avatar
    Here is link to app
    Pocket File Manager | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)

    Tap and hold on any file, select "via http" and in new window you will see HTTP URL to download file. On adnroid device enter URL into the browser and download it.
    If android has NFC, you can just tap your windows phone to android phone and file will be downloaded automatically.

    You can also run FTP Server on Windows phone and use FTP Client on android phone.
    12-23-2013 05:55 AM
  6. Ananthu Ananthu's Avatar
    checkout feem wifi in marketplace. crossplatform app and very useful
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    04-01-2014 10:50 PM
  7. Bineet Kumar Mohanta's Avatar
    We need an application like Flash Transfer on Android
    04-17-2014 04:49 AM
  8. Ron_wp's Avatar
    What you want is now available, as 'Easy Transfer'.
    07-16-2014 04:03 PM
  9. AKSHAY K V's Avatar
    please tell me how to use easy transfer...
    07-30-2014 06:28 AM
  10. NizamLZ's Avatar
    please tell me how to use easy transfer...
    Use 'Wi-Fi File Sharer' app. Its built especially to share files over Wi-Fi with cross-platform support. The quickest wi-fi file sharing applications in windows phone!
    11-17-2014 06:40 AM
  11. psoham777's Avatar
    please tell me how to use easy transfer...

    If you want to receive files from other device, make sure you turn on your internet sharing(it doesn't use any data, so don't worry). On the other device, in the easy transfer app, you would get a link. Type that link into your phone, done. You can now share files via Wi-Fi
    11-17-2014 07:12 AM
  12. psoham777's Avatar
    I think easy transfer app is the best for sharing files via Wi-Fi
    Sent from my dark knight 1320
    11-17-2014 07:13 AM
  13. Serge Botoela's Avatar

    You can start a server ftp in your windows phone like FTPServer
    1. Start the app
    2. click to + and add the folder you want to share (for example SDCard)
    3. Right swipe to password and set user and password
    4. Left swipe to connect and look at the IP address

    In Android, you can use ESExplorer
    1. Start the App
    2. Right swipe to network
    3. Click on new and select ftp
    4. Fill the field:
      • Server: (The IP address you read on your windows phone)
      • port: 21
      • user: the user you put on your windows phone
      • password: the password you put on your windows phone

    5. Click ok and click on the connection.

    Now you have access on the shared folder of you windows phone, in read/write

    From a windows computer, you can do the same with fillezilla, and access in read/write to your windows phone.
    11-20-2014 04:56 PM
  14. Kavu2's Avatar
    Is there any app which can send or receive files via wifi from wp to android ???
    SHAREit (from Lenovo)

    SHAREit supports Android phones,tablets; Apple iPhone,iPad; Windows Phone(8/8.1) WIndows PC

    Google play store link
    Apple iTunes link
    Windows Phone Store link
    Windows Desktop (Lenovo website) link
    Lenovo download link (all SHAREit apps)

    SHAREit Vimeo video (Lenovo)
    YouTube demo (Slashgear)

    FAQs (Lenovo)
    Q: What is SHAREit?
    A: SHAREit is a free application from Lenovo that lets you easily share files and folders among smartphones, tablets, and personal computers.

    Q: What operating systems does it run on?
    A: SHAREit is available for any Windows, Android, or iOS device.

    Q: Can I share files between different operating systems?
    A: Yes. You can share files from an Android phone to a Windows tablet, from a Windows notebook to an iPad, etc.

    Q:Do I need cables, bluetooth, or an active Wi-Fi network nearby to connect to other devices?
    A: No. You can simply connect using your device's Wi-Fi radio. This avoids any network charges.

    Note: If you're using an iOS device, then the receiving device must be on the same local WiFi network.

    Q: How can I invite other friends to start using SHAREit with me?
    A: Simply click the "Invite friends" link in the SHAREit app to instantly send them an e-mail that contains the SHAREit download link. You can also tell them to visit ]www.shareit.lenovo.com.

    Q: How fast is the file transfer?
    A: About 40 times faster than Bluetooth.

    Q: Is there a limit on the size of a file I can share?
    A: No, but very large files will take longer to share.

    Q: What type of files can I send?
    A: Any documents, photos, music, videos, and even apps.

    Q: Can I share a whole folder at a time?
    A: Yes. After you choose to send files, the file browser will open. Select the folder you want to send and click 'Select'.

    Q: Can other SHAREit users connect to my device and start sharing files without my approval?
    A: No. You must first accept their connection invitation before they can start sharing files with you.

    Q: How can I get the latest SHAREit updates?
    A: SHAREit will automatically check for the latest updates.

    Q: I have SHAREit running, but cant others to connect with. Why?
    Make sure:
    You both have SHAREit launched and running on your devices
    You have selected different roles, that is, one of you is a sender, and the other is a receiver.
    Both devices have their wireless radios turned on.

    NOTE: Some devices with wireless cards operating on 802.11a/b/g (using a 2.4 GHz radio) may not be able to find others using the SHAREit SoftAP (which creates a 5GHz hotspot). This is a common issue that can be resolved on the receiver side by going to:
    1.Control Panel / Device Manager / Network Adapter
    2.Next click on the wireless card, and go to: Properties / Advanced / Wireless mode selection.
    3.Then select a mode without 802.11a

    Q: How can users submit feedback?
    A: In the Options section of the Windows application, there is a link to submit 'Feedback'. The phone app also has this option. Please note that we cannot respond to all the feedback we receive.

    Q: Does iOS support off network sharing
    A: No. Currently, iOS does not support off network sharing, (If you want to receive a file on an iPhone, then you must be on the same network with the same SSID.)

    Q: Does the PC version support Group Share
    No. Currently, the PC version does not support "Group Share".

    Q: Can I share Contacts with SHAREit with iOS, Android and Windows operating systems?
    A: No. Currently, Contacts can only be shared with only the Android operating system.A:

    Q: Has SHAREit been tested on all Android platform versions?
    A: No. SHAREit has been tested on Android versions 2.1 and higher
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    11-20-2014 08:05 PM
  15. shan678's Avatar
    We've just launched an updated Feem for Windows Phone 8.1 and Feem Metro for Windows 8.1.
    You can now transfer any type of file (and folders) over Wi-Fi between mobile, tablets and PC.
    Wow!! I have tried it . Awesome :)
    but the UI is little confusing and you have to manually connect to WiFi network of other device and then open the app on both devices.
    Its good at least we have something.

    Still need some good UI tweeks! But its worth.
    12-05-2014 02:10 AM
  16. viswanathansri's Avatar
    See this Youtube Viode :
    There are 3 wifi file transfer apps for Windows Phone !!!
    Never know we had these apps ... Microsoft never promotes these apps !!!!
    12-12-2014 11:37 PM
  17. JithuPrakashVR's Avatar
    Try ducto
    It enables wifi transfer.
    12-14-2014 09:53 PM
  18. shan678's Avatar
    Try ducto
    It enables wifi transfer.
    Please provide the link to app.
    Thanks :)
    12-15-2014 06:11 AM
  19. Bineet Kumar Mohanta's Avatar
    Try the app "Easy Transfer". It's super fast & you can transfer files with out any external WiFi (via own wifi sharing feature ) connection to any WiFi compatible device of any OS.
    12-26-2014 03:53 AM
  20. viswanathansri's Avatar
    There are so many Wifi File transfer apps now for Windows Phone :
    1) Remote Device Manager ( Paid ) : Best app for Wifi File Transfer , Supports Calls , SMS , Contacts ( Similar to AirDroid app in Android )
    2) Kuchiyose ( Free )
    3) Easy Transfer ( Free )
    4) Wi-Fi File Sharer ( Free ) : ( Similar to SuperBeam app in Android )
    12-26-2014 05:57 AM
  21. Tailyou's Avatar
    I think what you are looking for is a wifi transfer tool. Nowadays there are many such tools, but taking all into consideration, I believe Airmore is the best one. As long as you scan the dimension code,you can tranafer files between pc and android phones. Attachment 106974
    06-23-2015 08:56 PM
  22. ads13's Avatar
    You can check this out
    SHAREit - http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=...d-512f8212026a

    Easy Transfer - http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=...b-577e92bbb236
    06-24-2015 02:33 AM

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