1. Hemanth sanam's Avatar
    Where can i find the downloaded files of wptorrent in my PC??
    11-22-2013 11:04 AM
  2. Martsicky's Avatar
    You can't. The only way to share files downloaded with wptorrent is to upload them to available websites. As I remember there is an option to upload to your skydrive. Then you can download it from skydrive to your PC.
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    11-22-2013 11:05 AM
  3. rudironsoni's Avatar
    You can, just move The downloaded file to the Music hub, it will create a folder inside the folder Music, it will be caked if Unknown Artist, your file will be inside, but with a .mp3 extension. Just rename it

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    11-22-2013 02:44 PM
  4. rudironsoni's Avatar
    Open files on WpTorrent and select the files you want move, after that, touch the option to move to the music hub, onto the bottom menu.

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    11-22-2013 02:45 PM
  5. Martsicky's Avatar
    well, I'm sorry then. Didn't know there is such feature :) mea culpa, thanks to rudironsoni.
    11-22-2013 03:21 PM
  6. AndrewL920's Avatar
    So I downloaded an installer in wptorrent but I can't download the folder
    05-23-2014 02:30 PM

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