1. Crushing Destroyer's Avatar
    When I use Storage Check to view app sizes, Vine is close to the top of the list for me (im using a 520, so storage space is limited). Vine is taking up 147MB, however, more than 3/4 of that looks to be 'App Data'. Is there a way to clear or reduce this? The number seems to just keep going up, combine that with 'other storage' (currently at 1.2GB) and soon I wont have any space on my phone to do anything. Also, Temp files are at 226MB after 'clearing' them.

    While resetting the phone would work, its not an option - its a last resort.
    11-27-2013 10:40 AM
  2. someonecalledsukhjit's Avatar
    This problem is fixed in GDR3. Till then you have to wait.
    Reinstalling vine could be a workaround.
    or you can switch to developer preview.
    Crushing Destroyer likes this.
    12-06-2013 09:18 AM

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