1. Salem874's Avatar
    So, Waze was released for Windows Phone recently.

    I've been playing with it for a bit, after hearing good things about it from iOS & Android friends.

    One thing i cant figure out though is, you're supposed to be able to "link" Waze to your Facebook account (I'm assuming this is to add Friends to your Waze profile). But how on earth do you do this in the Windows Phone app?
    11-27-2013 04:26 PM
  2. Windpomp's Avatar
    I came here hoping you can help.
    I'm forced to use the ridiculous Windows 8.1 phone by my company, everything "sort of work" BBM is Beta version, Waze no friends, there is just always some functionality lagging.
    We'll just keep on being laughed at by our primary school children with their entry level Androids that can do anything.

    Prove me wrong Microsoft.
    10-21-2014 08:06 AM
  3. loweg2000's Avatar
    It's not Microsoft fault. Waze was bought by Google. Google stopped support for waze on windows phone. There's a Facebook button in waze that doesn't work. The only thing supported in windows phone by Google is there search engine. Microsoft made a Youtube app and Google made them remove it. Google promised a Youtube app and has never delivered.
    mccririck likes this.
    10-27-2014 01:53 AM
  4. mccririck's Avatar
    I have an android work phone and I cant stand waze. I wouldn't even consider it on a windows phone as we have Here Maps.
    10-27-2014 02:05 AM

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