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  1. Jordan Martinetti's Avatar
    I have a Lumia 920, all current updates. Xbox Music Pass doesn't expire until 2/03/14.

    Alright so just today I am getting an error code 80151200 when I try to play music from the xbox music + video app. I have tried looking but I don't see 1) any resolution from MS or 2) any resolution from the forums. App was working just fine yesterday, now today it won't play, tried 4 different albums.

    Also, I can still play podcasts through the app.

    Any help?
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    01-11-2014 10:47 AM
  2. InvisGhost's Avatar
    I would suggest forcing a sync on the Microsoft account and then soft resetting the device.

    * Go to Settings, Email+accounts, tap and hold on the Microsoft Account and select Sync.
    * Once that is done, hold the Volume Down and Lock buttons until the phone restarts.

    Try to listen to music after that.
    01-14-2014 07:12 PM
  3. wozburger's Avatar
    I've been having similar problems with Xbox music on my 920 today. Also, I haven't been able to get any music to play via the website. In fact, no album art shows on the web either, though the album details do.
    01-15-2014 04:14 PM
  4. Shaishav Merchant's Avatar
    The error is due to failed download, try clearing downloads. And play instead downloading Music Video.
    This worked for me.
    05-19-2014 11:50 PM

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