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    I developed an app that recently got featured in the Danish store, and is the number 1 app there at the moment under "best paid" (that is, until I made it free for this period for your feedback). It has received tremendous good feedback by Danish users (265 ratings at this time of writing with an average of 4,5 stars, and 7 new reviews per day).

    It's a radio app for Danish radio. But I am wondering what the international market will bring. Would you like to see a radio app that actually works, and has a list of the radios just in your country? If so, please help me by providing the following:

    • Your country
    • A list of radio stations you would like to include

    Here's the app so that you can try it out. It has a Danish UI, but I think you will understand its usage anyway.

    Dansk radio | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)

    More images are at the app's page in the store.
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    01-21-2014 10:00 AM
  2. devil.insulted's Avatar
    Great Idea
    01-21-2014 10:59 AM
  3. bozza72's Avatar
    great idea but New Zealand already has one NZ Radio | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)
    01-21-2014 11:07 AM

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