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    Plexi is a personal voice assistant that is designed to be easy to use and powerful. With more features than Siri or Google Now, Plexi can help you with everything from shopping to hotel bookings to flight status to local events. Plexi also directly answers questions like "why are sunsets red" or "what is happening with the NFL". Plexi allows for natural voice interaction with your phone. You don't need to memorize a bunch of commands Plexi understands what you want her to do and responds.

    few of the things you can do with Plexi:
    5 day Weather Forecasts
    Book Hotels
    Check Horoscopes
    Convert Metric and ASE Units
    Find Charging Stations
    Find Concerts Near You
    Find Local Events
    Follow News Stories
    Gas Station Price Tracking
    Get Directions
    Get Movies and Show Times
    Get Real Estate Listings
    Image Search
    Launch Apps
    Log Food and Exercise in Fitbit
    Post to Facebook
    Set Alarms
    Shop Amazon.com
    Summarization and Vocalization of News Stories
    Text Contacts
    Track Flight Delays
    Update Your Weight on Fitbit
    Web Search

    There is no need to wait for Windows Phone 8.1 to give you Cortana, the power of voice is available now!

    Plexi is powered by PlexiNLP, a language processing system that uses heuristic models to extract information from text, Plexi NLP is the most feature rich language heuristics engine ever built. Plexi NLP extracts information about sentence and paragraph structure, word usage, parts of speech, grammar, writing style, punctuation, and author bias. You can build your own Plexi powered products using API's available at Mashape.com

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    01-29-2014 08:21 AM
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    so that the app remembers you.
    01-29-2014 08:39 AM