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    Hey Guys,
    Whilst WPCentral is not new to me..(been following this ever since i've been on WP.. Which is over a year now)..I'm new to the WPCentral forum... so kindly forgive me if we already have a parallel thread running around for this..

    I've Googled around, and never found a comprehensive list of Top Apps / Must Have recommendations that'll help new users on WP.. especially for day to day usage. (i was even wondering why WPCentral didnt have a sticky on this.. )

    Nokia App Social its prolly the best way to share App Lists on Lumia devices, that i've seen across platforms.. (Maybe WPCentral should have a list too ;))

    Infact i've recently created a custom list on App Social, after dragging my heel for months.. :P

    Check out the URL below for the full list. This is accessible even over desktops.. but on WP the Nokia Social app will allow easy downloading of apps in the list.
    The Ultimate Windows Phone Starter Kit / Must Have Lumia Apps (Best Free) - App Highlights Social Beta by @aswinrajan
    Also, even if you do access WP Store from your desktops, you can login to your MS account and click on install.. (the app will get pushed onto your Windows Phone!)

    hope it'd be useful :)

    Here's a part of the list:

    Some top Apps
    RapDialer – dialer with smart search (I don’t use the stock dial)
    Whatsapp, > biggest battery drainer app
    Gmaps+ (by map remedy) - best Google Maps Client.. since it uses Here maps for rendering but pulls data points from google..
    Archiver > reads zips
    ShortCut Tiles (gets shortcut tiles for Bluetooth wifi etc – still doesn support toggle – OS restriction)
    Battery (by Enless Soft) > lock screen and live tile battery info
    Office Remote > remote control office apps
    Flashlight XT > use phones LED for light
    Skype > can take a toll on battery at times
    SkyDrive > u need this installed to access yr skydrive account / integrate skydrive to some apps, plus the easiest way to share files..
    PayTM > pay bills / recharge
    Nokia Conference Beta - auto dial into meetings from your calendar invites!.. This is part of Nokia BetaLabs tho..

    Accuweather > lockscreen + live tile
    Code Reader > reads code /txt in email attachments
    Cricbuzz / Crincinfo / Times of India
    Currency / Unit Converter / World Time
    Facebook > (this can use a bit more of yr battery)
    FlightAware / Cleartrip / Skyscanner
    Flipkart / ebay / OLX /
    Fuel Tracker
    Jack of All Tools
    Lync 2010 / 2013 – ours is 2010.. but lync mobile is still a pilot
    MyPasses > hand ipass boarding files / tickets
    Nimbuzz / IM+
    PC Remote (even supports remote desktop!) / Remote Mouse / Win Ctrl 7
    PhotoFunia (cloud side image effects)
    Shazam / Sound hound > music recognition
    Wallpaper HD / Backgrounds HD
    Zinio > popular magazines
    UCWeb Browser (Similar to Opera Mini / Nokia Xpress)
    Run The Map
    Free Ringtones / Ringtones

    Have ignored stock apps which u shud already have such as mail / here suite / ringtone maker etc
    The here Maps and City lens etc are really good..

    For the camera.. the extension are called “lenses”
    There is a Panaroma lens itself.. the 3d panaorama is a lens called PhotoSynth.
    Basically the top lenses you might wanna check out are:
    SmartShoot – Which allows selecting and replacing faces in group shot.. and eliminating moving objects >> This is now part of Nokia Camera (or Pro camera)
    Blink - burst shot
    Cinemagraph – gif animation
    You may already have Bing Vision, and Translator

    Some misc lenses are SophieLens, Refocus, Clever Camera, Handscan, Pro Shot

    PS: some of my apps might be more relevant towards the APAC geography / India
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    Hey, Aswin and welcome to WPCentral! You might be looking for a thread similar to this one: http://forums.windowscentral.com/win...p-10-apps.html but this could be a good thread for more comprehensive lists. Some of your app choices look really good, I'll have to check some of those apps out!
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    02-18-2014 01:07 PM
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    Thanks for helping me out Muessig..!
    Top ten does seem like a great way to start.. But a typical smart phone user would avg out at double that count atleast :)
    Maybe we need to have some kind of a dynamic list that's compiled by WPC team.. thats updated by expert reviews / user votes.. Again App Social could be a key way to share.. (unless someone does the hard work of getting all the app store links manually :))
    02-18-2014 01:18 PM

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