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    Concerning the documentation and tracking of upcoming and released Windows Phone apps.

    If you're viewing this thread you're most likely a regular visitor on the site (and if you're not, welcome all the same). Getting straight to the point, this thread is meant to document what developer status is on upcoming apps; this thread is made for all of you, but especially the ones who are begging for Candy Crush, for Soundcloud and Flipagram, and lesser known apps like UberConference or Banjo. If someone is asking for an app, direct them here to view the status on it's development/release. Even the common consumer, non-techie. If he/she sees validation that an app is coming soon, that's giving them one more reason to stick to the platform! If it's not present it will be added, just post below or send me a message and I will add it to this initial post for everyone to see.

    Requirement for addition is a link/screenshot confirm app development/release. If not available the entry must be updated when info is available.


    Let's see what info you guys have, commence the posting!
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    02-19-2014 12:47 AM

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