1. Stephen Quinn's Avatar
    I have noticed that the likes of Instaweather taking over facebook and twitter as it allows people to attach a photo that they take to show what the weather is like where they are.
    I want to join this buzz but wondered what the best alternatives to the Instaweather Pro App are as I do not wish to pay to just remove a watermark

    So which do you suggest and why ?
    02-19-2014 06:14 AM
  2. dergutehirte's Avatar
    02-19-2014 06:19 AM
  3. Stephen Quinn's Avatar
    No not yet. was just hoping for what people (other than an apps developer) think of certain apps.
    02-19-2014 06:21 AM
  4. dergutehirte's Avatar
    I'm not an developer and i didnt test this app, but maybe you could give it a try.
    Stephen Quinn likes this.
    02-19-2014 06:28 AM
  5. Stephen Quinn's Avatar
    Just gave it a try and it crashes when uploading to Tumblr.
    02-19-2014 06:45 AM
  6. dergutehirte's Avatar
    Sorry then i've no ideas for now :( maybe someone else have any suggestions for you
    02-19-2014 06:59 AM
  7. santos1974's Avatar
    02-19-2014 07:08 AM
  8. santos1974's Avatar
    02-19-2014 07:09 AM
  9. Lena Savitsky's Avatar
    Hey you should also try Pip-Sports.com - free to download, similar concept to Instaweather but for sport! Great app.
    02-21-2014 06:14 AM
  10. Rickosw's Avatar

    any new WP apps that has similar functions to Instaweather Pro?

    open to paid apps' as well
    03-09-2015 08:27 AM
  11. Rickosw's Avatar
    hi guys, refreshing this topic ... any new weather / location apps to recommend for Window Mobile 10 ?
    02-27-2016 10:09 PM
  12. Rickosw's Avatar

    sorry to repost this again ... any app developers / anyone know any weather /location Windows 10 app to recommend ?
    08-04-2016 10:54 PM

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