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    so... I'm fairly new to wp8 (switched from a galaxy nexus 4 months ago to a Lumia 925) and it's been great so far. That said, the number one thing that I am really missing is google services (specifically Google Maps turn by turn bike GPS directions). I loved it because no matter where I was I would pull up my phone, pop in an address, throw earbuds on, place phone in bag, and let the voice navigation lead me to my destination all while jamming to my tunes. I'm sad to say I haven't found anything as good as this on wp8.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? There are some cycle apps that have voiced turn by turn but only after you've loaded in a gpx file (not as good as googles on the fly capabilities). This is an important feature for me as I cycle a lot and would appreciate any ideas/input. If not, guess i'll have to start using my old nexus again when I cycle for this feature.
    02-20-2014 10:33 PM

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