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    Hi All,
    I've experimented back and forth with several weather apps and have found all of them to have pros and cons (sometimes lots of cons, unfortunately). I've recently stopped using Bing Weather since the current temperature never seemed accurate or current and the live tile seemed dead.

    I've switched to WeatherBug for now, and have come up with the following Qs which I wondered if anyone might have answers for:

    - Why is there a long lag between what the live tile temperature says and what the "Now" temp says when I open the app? The live tile seems sort of pointless if the current temp isn't actually current. Does it only update a few times per day, and is there no way to set a desired update frequency?

    - Does anyone know of a way to set the scroll sequence of the weather locations I've entered without deleting them all and starting over from scratch? It seems the only way to do this is to start over altogether and enter them fresh in the sequence you'd like to see them in, rather than being able to somehow tell the app the sequence to use.

    - Why is the weather data station shown above the temp on the "Now" screen sometimes/often different than the weather station I chose when I entered the location? If I tell it to use, say, a local middle school data station, why does it show me some other school or restaurant data station?

    - Is there a way to change the desired weather station for a location without deleting the location and just entering it again? (This is partly related to my second question about scroll sequence. If I want to change the desired weather data station but doing so will screw up the location scroll sequence, then I'll have to delete all of them and re-enter everything just to pick a different data station for one town/location in my various entries.)

    Thanks ahead for any help.

    Thanks ahead for any help.
    02-24-2014 10:34 AM

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