12-09-2014 01:32 AM
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  1. squadz's Avatar
    03-17-2014 05:34 PM
  2. Artifex4's Avatar
    Hi - and nice job! The HTML5 rendering is outstanding - better than any other ereader I've seen on Windows Phone. As author of one such reader (Freda) I am most impressed.

    I did try it out on a few of my sample of 'awkward test EPUB files' and got some 'invalid cross-thread access' errors popping up. If you'd like me to share those sample ebooks with you, please drop me a note and I'll send them over (either PM me, or tweet to @turnipsoft, or email (redacted- see PM)).
    Hello Jim. Thanks for taking the time to have a look at the app! It's so kind of you to share your knowledge and experience. I'd indeed like to have a look at those "problematic" epubs. Will gladly send you a PM. And - Freda's been around for quite a while and it's, indeed, many people's favourite! It is an impressive achievement!

    03-18-2014 12:32 AM
  3. Jim Chapman's Avatar
    Jim, I just have to say that it is awesome to see someone with a competing app offering help. Big kudos to you!
    The way I see it, a flourishing WP8/W8 app ecosystem is a good thing for all of us. So I'll always be ready to help out - especially when it's a good-looking app like this one.
    03-18-2014 02:42 AM
  4. CodingYokai's Avatar
    It's very simple, just open an epub from the web browser or from the mail client. Also, if you have no books in the library, you would see instructions on how to add books.

    I am planning to add support for OneDrive in the near future as well, of course.
    I don't think you need to add OneDrive support in your app. I can open epub directly from Microsoft OneDrive application. Just tap on the file in OneDrive, and the reader pop up just like open email attachment. :)
    04-23-2014 01:21 AM
  5. Artifex4's Avatar
    Hi guys. Just to let you know: I added support for external storage (SD card), OneDrive, and a bunch of OPDS services.


    Hope you like it!
    04-30-2014 02:58 PM
  6. jhoff80's Avatar
    Custom OPDS feeds would be nice as well for a future update. My biggest issue is that I get "Preparing Content" frequently in some books. I would assume this is when in the epub's internal structure, it is maybe changing from one HTML file to another? Still, it's happening frequently enough to be annoying, but I'm not fully sure you can do anything about that.

    And then one other really nitpicky thing, would it be possible to match the app bar at the bottom with the page color? It looks weird when it's white if the theme I'm using is the paper background.

    Luckily, many of the problems that have been mentioned earlier in the thread with regards to accessing files are also possible to fix in 8.1 eventually.
    04-30-2014 03:40 PM
  7. Artifex4's Avatar

    I just want to say that there a couple of new features there: narration and text search. You can read more about them at the official site.
    11-30-2014 06:27 AM
  8. anon(9057135)'s Avatar

    I just want to say that there a couple of new features there: narration and text search. You can read more about them at the official site.

    ​I hope to but this soon! Looks amazing!
    12-09-2014 01:32 AM
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