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    Use Photo Funny to take photo from Picture Hub or using Camera and throw troll, animal, cartoon character funny,... in it. Share the fun photo with your friends !.
    - Add, edit, delete objects
    - Drag and drop, zoom, rotate, and flip objects, ...
    - Treatment: photo effects, Brightness Control, Contrast, adding text, ... in the background.
    - Save to photo album or share instantly with friends via Facebook, Mail, Message, ...
    More than 500 images troll, face animal, catwang, accessories have offered available.
    # Version
    - Allow insert pictures from your photo album machine.
    - Improved performance image processing.
    - Allow settings Turn - Off menu changes quick image by pressing the Add => Gear picture top right => On (or Off).
    - New filter photo for Photo Funny
    - Save photo height resolution

    Photo Funny | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)


    Photo Funny | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)
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    Thanks for supporting and developing apps for our platform, good luck for your app :)
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