06-13-2014 10:40 AM
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  1. alphablue597's Avatar
    When I open feedly on my PC it works ok, no problem. But nextgen doesn't work at all. Also I can't open feedly on my phone, tried on IE,uc browser,maxthon...
    06-12-2014 09:45 AM
  2. Ripper Cornelio's Avatar
    Fock this shiit......
    06-12-2014 09:55 AM
  3. herrie_abbink's Avatar
    Another DDoS attack: http://blog.feedly.com/
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    06-12-2014 10:12 AM
  4. Lance_WPCentral's Avatar
    WAVE #2 – June 12th

    7:26am PST: We are currently being targeted by a second DDoS attack and are working with our service providers to mitigate the issue.

    10:17am PST: The criminal has launched his second wave of DDoS attack this morning. The ops team has reviewed the attacks and is working on building a second line of defense to neutralize this second attack. To make breaching those defenses harder, we can not communicate as frequently as we would like on the status of our infrastructure changes. But this second wave should be neutralized faster than the first one. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your support and understanding as we work our way through these waves of attacks.
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    06-12-2014 12:48 PM
  5. Mohamed Ashid's Avatar
    And its fixed.
    06-12-2014 08:26 PM
  6. Lance_WPCentral's Avatar
    And its fixed.
    Let hope that today they don't have WAVE #3. They are not willing to pay the culprits so there could be another attack.
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    06-12-2014 10:47 PM
  7. herrie_abbink's Avatar
    Source blog.feedly.com:
    DDoS wave #3 neutralized and transatlantic network issue.
    06-13-2014 10:40 AM
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