1. TwinsPhysicist's Avatar
    My brother and I convinced our parents to go with Windows phone when they upgraded to smartphones. One of the apps that my mom hears all her friends using on their iPhones is the Target Pinwheel App, which evidently generates discounts in the store. This app has not been made for WP.

    Does anyone know whether there has been any community pressure on Target to develop the app, or any word from Target on the possibility of doing so?

    06-24-2014 11:47 PM
  2. androidtoWM's Avatar
    you should post it to their official FB page. they usually respond to individual posts.


    You can also post to https://cartwheelsupport.target.com/...5Btype%5D=idea
    06-25-2014 12:08 AM
  3. TwinsPhysicist's Avatar
    Thanks for the links. There is in fact a forum thread on the cartwheel support page on this


    As of 4 months ago they don't plan to make an app and told WP users to sign on the internet, but that didn't even work initially. Sounds like they have fixed the "sign in on the internet" option.

    I particularly like this comment from the user EricS
    "Every other week there is a sale for Target's Brightspot selling the Nokia Lumia 521 Windows Phone. And then they say they aren't going to support Cartwheel on those phones. That makes no sense what so ever."

    Hopefully if we all keep the pressure up, we can get them to support windows!
    06-25-2014 11:36 AM

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