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    I've had this idea for a long time ever since I started using my WP back in December. But does anyone know if there is a database/ gallery anywhere on the web with gifs of all of the live tiles? Out of all the features on Windows Phone, it seems to me that the most underused/underutilized feature is the ability for developers to create live tiles of their apps that we can then pin to the start screen.

    Of course, there are the good live tiles out there that actually offer information ahead of time so that users can decide if they want to open up the app or not (ie. WPCentral, Calendar, News, Photos, People, Today's Word, PowernApp, and most of the weather apps). But then there are those bad live tiles that app developers don't really seem to want to do anything about (ie. Endomondo, Xbox Music, Xbox Video, maybe 6tag, maybe 6snap, etc.) I'm just drawing from my own experience with live tiles as of today. Because live tiles plays such a huge role in Windows Phone (both in usefulness and attractiveness), I know that whenever I'm looking for a good app, I always tend to see if that app has a live tile option and what it displays. If it just shows the app icon, then I just tend to not bother pinning it/ keep it pinned as a small "live tile".

    Because the Windows Phone store also doesn't allow video, it's also hard for app developers to really convey what their app live tile does for people looking to either try their app or who may even be the slightest interested. That's why I was wondering if anyone knows of any current database/gallery that displays gifs/screenshots of different live tiles in action (front and back, as well as the different options)?

    If not, then what would it take to make such a gallery/database and have it available online? We could do it here, but would screenshots or gifs of the different live tile options help more? Is there even a way to make a gif of a live tile app? How? What else would this gallery need to have to help people thinking of trying the apps that have good live tiles/discovering how to set those live tiles via the settings? How could we push for developers to rethink their views of live tiles/update their apps to include better live tiles?
    07-03-2014 12:37 PM

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