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    Swiss Army Knife is an all in one app that contains 18 handy tools including

    • Tally - count and keep track of inventory items, people or anything.
    • Flashlight - Free flash light app using your phone LED light or your phone screen.
    • Stopwatch - Compact stop watch app. Record lap timings of any event.
    • Compass - Compass is a tool to search bearings(azimuth) using the built-in magnetic sensors.
    • Unit Converter - Convert temperature, volume, mass lengths and more.
    • Level - keeps everything straight and streamlined!
    • Ruler - Measure anything on-the-go using standard measurement in inches and centimeters.
    • Fake Call - Escape a bad date, leave meetings or otherwise an unpleasant situation.
    • Tip Calculator - Tip Calculator app is a timesaver at restaurants or clubs.
    • Alarm Clock - A retro looking, simple digital alarm clock app.
    • Secrets & passwords - protects all your passwords and other secrets.
    • Notepad - Notepad app that enables quick and efficient note taking.
    • TODO List - To do app, manage tasks efficiently. Filter them according to due date or importance.
    • Groceries - Set up your shopping list aisle-by-aisle, name and arrange as many isles as you want.
    • Mirror - Use you phone front camera as a mirror.
    • Timer - Simple countdown timer.
    • Reminder - Set reminders for anniversary, to-do etc.
    • Weight Tracker - Visualize your progress in many ways and help you reach your target weight easily.


    It's currently a free to download, ads supported app with an option to remove ads via the in-app purchase. But it may change to a paid app in the near future. Feel free to download it while it's free!.

    Download here:
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    Lol I like the fake call option
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