View Poll Results: Are you worried about quality of recent Windows Phone features(removal of hubs, new lockscreens etc)

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  1. bartekxyz's Avatar
    So... new lockscreen covers stock one and stock one gets skinned with screenshot of last thing you saw before locking your phone so... when you unlock by swiping up, what you see is another lockscreen(stock one!) which after a while is replaced with actual screen. Have you ever seen a less elegant solution? This is pure hack!

    Music and xbox hubs converted into sub-par standalone apps, now this lockscreen... I'm seriously concerned. Am I the only one who's worried?
    07-27-2014 04:45 AM
  2. David P2's Avatar
    Well it has been released as public beta so it's in no way final - the QA department can only test a finite amount of things according to their list, after which it gets released as public beta so it can be tested under normal everyday conditions that can't easily be replicated - as we could find things they miss, or test for things they hadn't even considered. That's the whole point of a public beta. It's not just an excuse to use software earlier than everyone else.

    Yes the original lock screen sometimes pops up for me instead of the live one (but never underneath it), but I expect things like that to happen given the app's current status. If it were final release and acting this way then people would have every right to complain, but it's not - we waive that right by downloading and using it in its beta status. It won't be perfect - that's what bug report forms are for so these can be sorted before the final release.

    I agree the Music app has gone downhill though - despite the most recent updates it still refuses to show artwork anymore, yet MixRadio shows it fine. Games hub - the only fault I find with that now is it's a little redundant unless you use the messaging system, since they added games to the app list.
    07-27-2014 05:46 AM

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