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    Hi Guys,

    Just throwing it out there for suggestions for other New Live Lock Screen App since we saw what MSFT/Rudy's version is like. As I'm not a WP app developer, I can offer my "Wish List" or things that I see on other platforms and I wonder if this is even possible with WP 8.1 once MSFT release the API for you guys to work on.

    Over at the Android, I have used this Muzei Live Wallpaper.

    which can link up with Firepaper. https://play.google.com/store/apps/d....fivehundredpx

    Do you think going forward, Mr Joe and his " YOUR MOST PERSONALIZE PHONE" slogan, we can get to see something similar (Muzei type of wall paper) on WP?

    If you have other constructive suggestions / improvements please do help contribute to this thread and hopefully, some better App Developer can make something more useful and practical for us to use.

    07-27-2014 08:41 AM

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