1. Turismo80's Avatar
    I run 2 Fantasy Football leagues through ESPN. I have for a long time now. When the first ESPN Fantasy Football app was available for WP8, I was quite pleased. Better than my Android (Yes I have 2 phones), and better than my friend's iPhones. All was well.

    Fast forward a couple years later and now ESPN does not support the application. You can only download it through the WindowsPhone.com page. Just last year everything was peachy.

    I asked ESPN why they stopped supporting it and if they would in the future. Their only answer was that they only support Android and iOS devices. This is frustrating. I barely use my Android anymore. Like most people, I got tired of the lag and horrible battery. Plus the Google overlords are not my favorites.

    It was bad enough that they don't support Windows 8.x (despite the market share being fairly large from a pure device count) but now they drop WP8.x. It's not like WP and Windows are going away any time soon. It's not like the market share is shrinking. I know for a fact coding is easier for Windows devices.

    I hope that many of you who use ESPN for your Fantasy Football needs will send in feedback to them requesting that they restart their app support for the Windows devices.
    08-02-2014 10:39 PM
  2. nwildcat's Avatar
    Interesting. I didn't realize they'd stop supporting it. I managed one of my fantasy teams great through it last year. Maybe their agreement with Nokia ran out and ESPN doesn't want to spend time on it. I'd be more upset, but it looks like the existing app still works and they don't even allow Android to do drafting like they allow on the IOS app.

    Hopefully they'll be a 3rd party app to pick up the slack if something goes wrong with the existing app. That said, I'll email them and complain about the lack of support and wanting an updated app.
    08-05-2014 09:38 AM
  3. xboxonthego3's Avatar
    Hmm are you sure support has stopped? Maybe they just meant updates. Because it appears to be functioning just fine without issues. I can see both my new leagues for this year.
    08-30-2014 05:24 PM

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