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11-06-2014 08:25 AM
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  1. Velikib's Avatar
    I miss G+!
    08-13-2014 04:57 PM
  2. itzkavin's Avatar
    I miss G+!

    I never expected that! G+ still alive?
    08-16-2014 02:14 AM
  3. DoctorSaline's Avatar
    I was looking to see if fantasy premier app was paid app on other platforms too and look what I found...
    Sent from my tapatalk app on lumia 525
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    08-16-2014 06:46 AM
  4. Willyman's Avatar
    I had the best example today of exactly what people call "the app gap".

    I live in Hong Kong and in a big city like this, there is bound to be a lot of app development for locals. So today, I saw an article on the top 10 apps for Hong Kong in Time Out magazine. Guess what... Indeed, only ONE app was also available on WP. The official government weather observatory app. All of the apps were available on iOS and Android, an quite a few of them were genuinely very useful. E.g.: pay your subway fares by tapping your NFC enabled phone on the card reader at the gates. Cinema app to see availability of seats and buy from the app. Etc etc ...

    I love WP phone UI, but I'm getting pulled harder and harder in the direction of Android at the moment (love my Nexus 7 tablet too).
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    10-25-2014 03:02 AM
  5. itzkavin's Avatar
    Thought of doing a realty check on Indian app dev market.

    So here are the apps "Made in India" with over a million downloads on Android and their availability on Windows Phone. (source)


    redBus - Available
    ixigo Indian Rail train - Available
    MakeMyTrip - Available
    Cleartrip - Available
    Goibibo - Available


    BookMyShow - Available
    Saavn - Not available - Available
    Hungama - Available


    Newshunt - Available
    Cricbuzz - Available
    Cricinfo - Available
    NDTV - Available


    Paytm - Available (NC)
    Mobikwik - Available
    FreeCharge - Available


    Teen Patti - Available
    Parking Frenzy - Available
    Car Run - Coming Soon
    Dhoom 3 - Available


    Zomato - Available

    Health and Fitness

    LoveCycles - Available


    Flipkart - Available
    Snapdeal - Available


    OLX - Available
    Hike - Available
    Just Unfollow - Not Available
    Just Dial - Available
    Quikr - Available
    SMS Blocker - Not Available
    Mobile Number and Phone Location - Not Available

    m-indicator - Available

    Social and Miscellaneous
    Chaitimity - Not Available
    Love and Romance Quotes - Not Available
    VithU - Not Available

    * paytm app, though functions well as mobile recharge app, doesn't have the ecommerce store it has on other platforms
    10-29-2014 06:49 AM
  6. prasath1234's Avatar
    We also don't have wynk music service from airtel.
    11-04-2014 01:31 AM
  7. wplee's Avatar
    Example: Here's my Saturday in the UK with missing apps that I used to use on Android:

    Wake up and go for a run. But can't use Runkeeper app not available so had to start again with alternative Endomodo. My running activity was posted to Facebook and a friend liked my comment. Although I got the notification, the WP app can't even show me the post. I also cant see a friends photo comment so have to use the mobile web version. Later that day I can't use the BBC sport app to check the Football (soccer) but fortunately there are good alternatives. I used to play Clash of Clans in the afternoon but that is not available. After my dinner I used to play my YouTube playlists but there is no official app so again an alternative. Finally I sit down to watch The X Factor a massive TV show in the UK that Microsoft's Skype is a product placement. The host says I can vote with the App. He doesn't even mention what platforms its on because he only assumes everyone's on iOS/Android, I check the store but its missing. Finally I would check my bank balance before bed, but of course no local banking app.

    So No, I disagree that the App Gap is closing. Microsoft need to even part fund the popular Free app development because the lack of important apps is holding the platform back. As someone says above the total number of apps isn't important but major local service apps are. Even though I'm happy to use alternatives I can't say I would recommend WP to everyone I know for this very reason.
    11-04-2014 02:14 AM
  8. kristalsoldier's Avatar
    Any recommendations for the best Google+ app (paid or free - does not matter) for Win 8.1? Thanks.
    11-05-2014 05:48 PM
  9. pedmar007's Avatar
    @evilrob totally pointless thread.If WP store serves you well then don't think that this is the case for everyone.
    So you are really saying that app gap doesn't exist? Please, for God's sake don't spread wrong info. I'm a WP fan boy and I can't deny the truth that app gap exists.
    Look at the following screenshot.

    That's obvious as there's more people with HTC,LG,SAMSUNG,BLU,SONY running Android than those using an IPHONE or WP so the amt of apps in use on ANDROID would require an almost daily update for those apps simply because of how many people open those apps. This app gap talk is getting ridiculous as we want quality not quantity. Makes 0 sense having 500,000+ apps and more than half are crap and those that aren't are watered down versions to that found on IOS and Android.
    11-05-2014 06:39 PM
  10. pedmar007's Avatar
    App gap or App quality = BS!! I've read all the many many posts regarding the reason/s for there being a vast disparity in the app store for WP vs the opposition. What I'm here to say to all of you is that there's no DEVELOPER who puts any App on any OS should be given any type of leniency with the failure to make updates to that same said App. Addressing those Devs who make for WP are the worst because for one NONE of them entered their workshop to make a WP app not knowing that the WP OS was in 3rd position not 2nd or 1st and dropped to 3rd but 3rd from the get go. So with that the market share % was in the single digits from the onset, so with that knowledge YOU still decided to make an app for the WP OS irrespective of whether you were drunk, high or sober you knew fully what you were doing. This talk about why this and why that is nothing short of BS covered in ****!!! Every DEV should be held accountable for their actions and TBH their lack thereof for apps made for WP should be held accountable as their lack of attention for same said APP/s should be seen as Corporate Espionage and I'm not talking a Bond movie because in the end when these apps are made to the poorly designed level and functionality as some are it only serves to turn customers away from the OS whereby creating a campaign that directly goes against their first reasoning for making any app for the OS. ? Are there any store owners who allow people to stand in front of their entrance and tell people to shop elsewhere, or allow then if it's a restaurant to hand out flyers for another eatery??
    11-06-2014 08:25 AM
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