1. donkiluminate's Avatar
    Hi Guys and Gals;

    Could you help me with some recommendations for a good audio book app?

    I've been rippng my audio books onto mp3 and then playing them through the music app but as we all know that app sucks and I really want something that remembers where I last was.

    Any suggestions?
    08-25-2014 10:55 AM
  2. Rick_Air's Avatar
    There was a similar discussion the entitled 'Music or Audiobook Player' this weekend that discusses the same thing. Try checking that out.
    08-25-2014 10:59 AM
  3. donkiluminate's Avatar
    Doh! Sorry. I didn't mean to be "that guy"
    08-26-2014 11:11 AM
  4. Rick_Air's Avatar
    No probs. I have no idea if a good answer was found.
    08-26-2014 11:28 AM
  5. e4et's Avatar
    Subscribed ;-)
    08-26-2014 11:30 AM
  6. Elastep's Avatar
    Try ELAudioBooks. It can play mp3 audiobooks directly from SD card or filesystem of your phone.
    11-05-2014 04:43 AM

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