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    Had never created a thread before here at Wpcentral, but there is always a first time (sorry for my english)! Well, since I read about insteon for hub launching in our platform, wp, I was like, great! I was looking forward to getting one kit. I even took part in this hidden gems contest to see if I was lucky, lol. Ok. Anyway, I bought it because I have a little daughter (pretext! lol. joke.), so starting home automation would make things easier with babysitting, etc. And of course, taking advantage of it, controlling lights from phone, creating scenarios, etc, etc, would be cool too. I kicked off with little. I bought a Hub, Led Bulb and two IP Cameras. Installed apps on my devices and voil!

    Before I got things working, having access from inside LAN and outside, I was afraid because had never configured a router before in my life. Read lots of things about router's firmware that weren't that great and unresponsive, and well, everything worked like a charm! I have not a single complain about my LAN, nor my wp8.1.1 app. The app is robust. So, I would like to thank wpcentral because you informed me about great apps and services that indeed helped making my life easier, and so on and so fort. Thanks also insteon guys and microsoft for a solid experience (I know, they are not reading, but I've thanked through their site as well)!

    First test I made switching (swiping left in Insteon for Hub app) between the two cameras, I noticed a glitch with the second one. It was interfering with the first. Then I read it's manual carefully and noticed this Multi-device setup step. That was it, I believe. Thing is, this section defines which camera device is the first, second, and so on. I realized that the first was per default the camera of the device that I was configuring at the moment, and second always the other one. Then things worked. Edit (11/14/2014): forget this paragraph please! The glitch came back eventually, but since I changed things, ref. my next post below, cams are looking pretty much perfectly!)

    Another thing, was configuring router. Wow! Was cool for me. Noob here. Works beautifully and logically. Setting up virtual server and port triggering was great. Static IP configs through DHCP (chose a new IP (different from default) for the HUB, otherwise would never input the static successfuly - great tip). That was it!

    I just wanted to share my private great news with you and, maybe motivate who is thinking about starting with this as well! Don't think twice. Go for it!
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    This week, my ISP's personnel was at home addressing some connection speed issues and I had to setup my Insteon Hub again, because couldn't access it outside LAN, so I called Insteon support. What I learned: there was no need port triggering my devices. Hub, cams, etc, should all be setup in the virtual servers section of the router. Everything else was ok. Don't ask me why it worked by the first time though (before the issue, it looked like this: Hub on V. Servers and Cams on Port Trigger's section)! Just updating my experience here. Cheers!
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    Did u find a YouTube or other video to explain this?
    02-18-2015 09:34 AM
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    Hi agentmikeyd99 !

    No, unfortunately, but I did read forums posts a lot, Insteon manuals on "how to", which are on their website, and my router's manual, looking after its name (internet search).

    First I read through forums. Made this before I bought the kit. I wasn't sure about Insteon's dual band feature. Specially the electrical communication part of it. That means (I don't know if you are aware), if you don't have wi-fi reaching a place in your house, that won't be a problem cause devices will talk to each other through your house power-line. Power-lines specs details differ from country to country sometimes.

    Then I read my router's manual to understand where to find things like virtual server setup, Insteon's HUB static IP setup (which was on my router's DHCP section) and so on. Those features namings differ a bit among devices (routers).

    After all that, I bought the kit and installed it following Insteon manuals instructions (WP app (Insteon for HUB - only if you have the HUB) helps a lot with a step by step wizard). Working beautifully! Cortana integrated!

    Please, let me know if you have any further questions!
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