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    Today I decided to take a quick look what's new in Store. Opened New+rising apps (US region in phone) and bump into ton of crap!!! What's happening with MS?!? I think that app gap is not the problem, quality of apps is! There is 30% of good, quality apps and 70% of pure crap! What can we do to make it better? Should I report every stupid app that does nothing except putting ad on my screen? Also, I see that new trend is app copying (i.e Start design)! Developer unable to think of something new just steal someone's work! I have to admit that I am bit dissapointed with MS and WP in general. Things changed since I first started using WP and not all the changes were good. As for the Store, it's gone all the way down. Sad but true.
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    09-16-2014 10:46 AM

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